Wait! You’re Not Done…

Do not close this page. You are just about to get your download link!

Thanks so much for ordering my album. Before you go I’ve got something very special that I’d like to share with you…
Oak Street Blues is primarily about music, good old Alt Country Tunes, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t into looking good too! For anyone who purchases an album I’d like to offer the add on of the classic Oak Street Blues Trucker Hat. This is a one time offer to those who buy the album only. Once you leave this page the offer is over. I just like knowing that when I see a person out there with the OSB trucker hat they are part of a group of people that support music. A group of people who  did not go the route of the pirated download. True music fans are an elite club.

As a special ONE TIME OFFER the Oak Street Blues Trucker Hat is just $14.95 plus shipping. It’s a great way to support indie rock and looking cool while doing it. Thanks for purchasing the album. I hope you enjoy, I put a lot of hard work into it and it has some of the finest musicians on it.

No thanks, I’d like to pass on this chance to get the Oak Street Blues Trucker Hat and proceed to the download page for the album I have already purchased.