Last Living Legends of Country Music

Some country music heroes are passed away, but their great work and contribution are unforgettable. From Jimmy Dickens to Merle Haggard and Glenn Frey, the Country Music has lost numerous monumental artists. It is not easy to fill the space of these great heroes, but we are fortunate enough to have some heroes. We should appreciate the great work of living legends who are with us. We still have the great work of country music legends. Here are some living ledges and their meaningful participation in the Country Music:

Billy Joe Shaver

Last Living Legends of Country Music-Billy Joe ShaverHe is a real desperado country pioneer and lived through the tragic loss of a son and on-stage heart attacks. The revolutionary music always becomes more respected by his generations than commercial world. With a unique personality and desperado biography, the Billy Shaver is a true legend.

Wanda Jackson

Last Living Legends of Country Music-Wanda JacksonShe is famously known as “Queen of Rockability,” and you can watch her performance “Pick Me on Way Down” at the Party at Town Hall in 1958. Her legendary status permeates country too. The attitude and confidence of Jackson are undeniable, and she was profound as an influence on the rights of women as Loretta Lynn. Wanda released her 31st music album in 2012 at the age of 74.


Peter Rowan

Last Living Legends of Country Music-Peter RowanHe is a true legend of bluegrass, and Peter Rowan started in the 1960s with Bill Monroe before spending his 4 decades to leave his mark as a writer and instrumentalist on uncountable works. Rowan is the most versatile musician and renowned yodeler. He is not a household name, but Rowan is a legend because bluegrass has a strong influence on country music. He is one of the country music icons.

Glen Campbell

Last Living Legends of Country Music-Glen CampbellThis name comes with a sad note because Campbell is fighting with Alzheimer. He can’t play music now, but he sold almost 45 million albums. We have a great legacy to span film, television, and music. He gave numerous country music hits. You can see a documentary of Glen Campbell to see his journey and career. You can’t miss his Grammy-winning song “I am Not Gonna Miss U”.


Don Williams

Last Living Legends of Country Music-Don WilliamsHe is known as a “gentle giant” in Country music, and he is a famous bass vocalist in the country. He is a prominent member of Hall of Fame of Country music and has 17 hits in the country music list. His songs are equally famous among young and old people. Williams announced his retirement in the third month of 2016 after almost 50 years.

Charley Pride

Last Living Legends of Country Music-Charley PrideHe is a remarkable singer in the Country music. Being a pioneer for the African-Americans in the music, he is one of the big names in Grand Ole Opry. He was a famous baseball player and win Grammy award for three times. You can’t miss his staple song “Kiss one Angel Good Morning”.


There are numerous other names, such as Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, and Loretta Lynn. You can get the songs of all music legends from free country music blogs and websites.If you are a country music fan, check out Oak Street Blues a great mix of old and new country. You can get 6 free downloads as well as some other offers by signing up on the form on the right.  Thanks for learning about country music and keeping the genre alive.

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