Great Hits of Americana Music

In Americana, female and male are free to experiment different music styles. It is a story-driven genre, and artists get inspiration from history and traditions. Jazz, gospel, murder ballads, and blues are some popular styles. Americana songs may have a hidden message because the singer can tell his story or explain his/her life experience. If you want to enjoy Americana music mix, you can download free music. You can download Americana iTunes on your mobile. Here are some great hits of Americana music:

Christian Lopez Band

Great Hits of Americana Music -Christian Lopez BandHe is a young guy and teenage heartthrob of modern music. This young singer is inspired by honest-to-goodness artists like Avett Brother. He along with his band reinvent Americana wheel in different fashions. He works really well with folk-rock and songwriting. You can feel the hope in his music.


Andrew Combs

Great Hits of Americana Music -Andrew CombsThe singer and songwriter of Texas is a famous name in the industry. You can enjoy numerous songs of his new album. The sounds of Harry Nilsson and Jimmy Webb can’t be ignored. The elegant melodies were performed and written by 28-year old Combs. Producers Skylar Wilson and Jordan Lehning paint beautiful acoustic colors that serve as incessantly lovely backdrops to a song written by Mac Davis. The piano-based song “In the Name of You” with its depressed string arrangement and expressive throbbing voice is one of the great Americana music examples.


Great Hits of Americana Music -CalexicoCalexico is famously known as an Arizona-based Americana, Tucson, indie rock and Tex-Mex band. The John Convertino and Joey Burns are two important members of the band. They have recorded numerous albums on the Quarterstick Records and in the Reins EP 2005 in the Reins recorded with the Iron and Wine has approached the 200 Billboard album charts. Their musical style has the influence of traditional mariachi, Tejano, cumbia and conjunto along with post-rock, jazz, and country.

Allison Moorer

Great Hits of Americana Music -Allison MoorerShe is an American singer and made her debut on the Billboard US Country charts with the release of her debuted song “A soft place to fall” in 1998.  Alabama song album is her debuted album. She released almost seven albums. She sang 11 singles and five of her solo songs got a good position on the chart of the hot country song. She is famous for her thoughtful work, deep lyrics and amazing voice.

Lyle Lovett

Great Hits of Americana Music -Lyle LovettLyle Pearce is one of the best Americana music artists. He has been singing since 1980 and recorded 13 hit albums. He has released 25 solo songs till date. Billboard song chart reveals that Cowboy Man got 10th position on the chart. His last album recorded in the studio “Release Me” was launched in 2012.


Elizabeth Cook

Great Hits of Americana Music-Elizabeth CookShe is an Americana country singer and made her debut on Grand Ole Opry on 17 March 2000. The cook married to Moonshiner who was an upright bass player in prison band. She is famously known as the sharp and surprising singer and eccentric traditionalist.


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