Amazing Facts about Country Music for Country Music Fans

You may claim to be the fan of country music, but you are unaware of its main facts. There are numerous exciting country music facts. It is an interesting fact that country music is all about good life, drinking, and women. Jimmie Rodgers was a famous million-selling singer. He spent his youth around railroad workers and in hotel lobbies, performance houses, and barber shops. He got his music experiences from these places and frequently talked about backpay, women, and whiskey. Here are some interesting facts about country music:

Reason of “Country” in Country Music

The country music was nameless, and people in this industry were searching for its title to go with this genre. It was a kind of hillbilly music before “folk music” started gaining traction. During Senate hearings of 1952, Senator Joe McCarthy necessitated that the lead singer of Weavers, Pete Seeger attest about “Communist leanings.” This industry replaced the folk with the country because the company was in frequent use.

Drums Can’t be Played on Grand Opry Stage

During early days of Opry Grand Ole, it was frowned upon. Until the 1940s, it was not allowed to play the drum. The amps and guitars were allowed after the 1940s.

Birthed in the Appalachia Hills

The beginning era of 2014 is traced as folk songs played by refugees settled in the Appalachian Mountains. The English Ballads mixed with Scottish and Irish Jigs and they were played on the swindle. African-Americans and Church hymns introduced the blues and banjo into the blend. A full era before “hillbilly music” recordings was common, and Appalachian folk song books were issued under “old-time” music title.

Texas Directed the Way

It took decades for “country music” term to come into a rage and the first music recording with this name was made by Eck Robertson of Texas in 1922. Robertson cut almost 16 tracks of old music between 1922 and 1929. A compilation of records is also available today.

Radio Made Country Star

A radio station in Georgia played the first folk song for its audience in 1922. The specific term “hillbilly music” was famously used to explain the sound. After this incident, a radio station in Fort Worth has started its first outbuilding dance show. This station was operated from Nashville, Tenn, WSM that started the movement with a barn dance on 28 November 1925. The Grand Ole moved to Ryman Auditorium in 1939 and broadcast nationwide.

Singing Brakeman

This genre struggled a lot for the star and identity in the early years. Things changed as a brakeman for the Northeastern Railroad Organization, and New Orleans was forced to give his life due to health problems from Tuberculosis. He is famously known as the father of the Country Music.

Hello Kitty is another name who sung “It was not God” because she was blessed with a powerful voice and talent. This woman was famous for her songs. In short, it was a great era when country music countdown started, and different new faces were introduced.

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